Family: Calypso Calla
Botanical Name: Zantedeschia hybrida
Common Name: Calypso Calla
Min. Temp: To 28F
Bloom: Spring
Exposure: Full to Part Sun
Average Size: 14" - 18"

More Info about Calypso Calla

The strong vibrant colors of the Calypso Callas are a breakthrough in modern plant breeding. They tend to have more shoots and come an array of colors that will continue to improve each season. They can be planted in patio pots as combinations or in the ground as a garden accent. Be sure to mulch and proved enough water. Make sure the gound drains water away after a rain or watering.

The dazzling colors of these new callas are sure to start another Calypso Craze! Vibrant waves of flowers will dance through the garden like the undulating ruffles of an exotic calypso skirt. Like something out of a storybook, the phenomenal colors of these new Calla Lilies are sure to captivate the colorful spirit of any gardener bored with the ordinary. Great for cut flowers!