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Rhythm and Blues Petunia
Petunia x hybrida ‘Rhythm & Blues’ PPAF

To 32 °F

Full Sun
Spring to Fall
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Rhythm and Blues stands out with its showy contrast of deep purple/blue and white flowers. The scalloped edges of the two tone blooms, combined with the vigorous growth habit make this plant a show stopper both at retail and in the garden.

Rhythm and Blues Petunia Combo
Petunia x hybrida 'Balperblues' PPAF and others


Full to Part Sun

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What better way to jazz up a planter than to add a little rhythm and blooms, or should we say Rhythm and Blues! The striking two-color edges of the R&B Petunia blooms are the perfect complement to your garden. You will find this an easy-to-care for combination of colors that is sure to strike a chord in any sunny garden spot. Keep them watered and be sure to feed them every 2-4 weeks with water soluble plant food and your flowers won’t miss a beat!